The 4th of July Independence Day. The Day The United States of America Got Their Independence From England.

You may think of it as the other way around. The U.S. giving England their independence not the U.S. getting it from England. What a difference 282 years can make. From getting their Independence from England to becoming the sol Superpower that is quiet an Accomplishment and if you are not proud of that. It is really too bad.

But Anyway I enjoyed my day off. I could have gone to the beach or some where to watch the fireworks that was on display all over town. But I chose to stay home and Watch movies and Ben Simmons play for the first time in a Pro game. I was impressed to say the least.

I love the independence Day but those fireworks my goodness it was unabated long and hard around my house. I have never quiet seen it that way before. Truly I had to plug my ears. It was unbelievable loud . Right in front of my door . Excuse my French. It was like as if they were celebrating the last day of life as we know it the end of the world.