The Cavaliers are just killing time by killing the Raptors

Raptors VS the Cavs as an east Final: really is that a final? ask yourself that question

Tonight driving home after work I was listening to the Lakers Radio station. One of the night journalist just going on and on talking about LeBron James and his greatness how he is under appreciated.   LeBron is a great player no one will denied that. but have you ever ask yourself a question to find out why he is underappreciated? I am sure there is a reason. May be you need to find it out. first of all you are not going to force people to like LeBron James it Is not an obligation. It is a choice people have to make. if you like LeBron it is good for you. I have never had a problem with LeBron until recently. You read my past writings as a Lakers fans I always wanted LeBron to come play for the Lakers. But lately acting as a god and not giving respect to his pears thinking he should win the mvp EVERY YEAR completely turn me off about this guy.

Truth be told if LeBron James come to the west and do what he is doing in the east and behave himself, I will be his number one fans, because I am a straightforward guy. I have no reason to hate LeBron. but I have all the right to analyze the situation and make my decision base on pros and cons not because some one else is forcing me to like him.

My goodness the caves are playing the Raptors for got sick who’s best player is kyle Lowry who will be a reserve in the caves, golden state or OKC. will never be a all of famer one day in his life. with that you are making LeBron numbers looks like the caves are killing OKC or Golden State. this is the same caves team that was beaten in Cleveland by the warriors the last time they played by more than 30 points. you truly think they have gotten that much better because of Tyron Lu. That need to be determine when that time comes. Let them kill the warriors like they are killing Toronto then I will give him credit. until then. you guys dumb journalists on radio talk too much.

Have you ever ask yourself a question to find out why a guy in a D league will score 50 points averaging 20 points a game and can barely score 10 points in the NBA. let me tell you why if you do not know. Because the level of competition in the D league is not that good simple as that. The level of completion in the east being so bad LeBron every year get to the final so easy and looses against  a west team even with great players such as Wade and bosh playing with him and the record speaks for itself . May be you shall give us the reason why you think that is. he has been in the Final 6 times and won 2 or actually one in reality as one of the final was given to them by the spurs own mistake on a game they had already won. Give us an explanation for that.

LeBron wants to get the MVP every year like he wishes. play hard during the regular season do not reserve yourself for the playoff. you have to earn it not given to you base on your physic looking better than others. LeBron wants to earn his greatness enroll yourself in the slam dunk contest to show the world how bad you real are. do not be afraid. Most great players are not afraid to loose so that they do not damage their brand.

LeBron is so great do not pick and choose your team and players to help you win in the process making you looks like a gold digger. when people challenge you by saying you only play in a weak conference well show them they are wrong by going to a better conference and proving people wrong. That is what I call greatness by proof. not by talk and from these dump journalists who wants to force people to like LeBron because they like. There is always a reason why people do not like some one. May be you need to find it out and change your behavior. LeBron once said he is making so much money while other are struggling. that right. I make enough to support my family and happy with what I have and doesn’t need millions to make myself happy. life is about being happy not about accumulating wealth I can buy anything I want and that good enough for me. no one takes it with him when they died. It stay behind brother. Change your behavior Brother I will be your number one Fan.

trust me not liking you  is never by accident.

Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Two