The Kind Of President We Have In Africa They Lack Responsibilities.

When They loose power They Cheat and refuse to accept defeat then accuses their oppositions  to have cheated.  They will Kill People Using the Army, Mercenaries. everything to keep  Power. They are the One with arms and the Army, yet they will Accuse Some else Who Has no arm To Have done the killings. They will kill in masses for loosing the election to keep it by force When People want Them out. Then  cut off The internet to hide their  atrocities then claim their opposition to have  killed only 3 dead. So many families looking for their kids who have disappeared after the army storm the city. They will continu to say only 3 died and every thing is fine. No one Never saw them go to school, They cannot find one personne who went to school with them nor any pictures of their Graduations. Yet They claim to have  master Degrees. and Accuses others to not  Having diplomas therefore should not to work anywhere. They have Fake   birth Certificates and  their  own Family claim to never saw them Born but arriving from another country and No one seem to ever saw them born yet they claim to be the real country national their oppositions who’s every body saw their birth and have  legitimate birth certificates they accuses them not  to be  real nationals. They are caught Several times Stealing Even their accomplice jailed for bringing stolen money to other countries yet Their opponents are they  the Only Thieves.  What I am trying to say is They   never accepted responsibilities for any thing. they are always perfect. Good Leaders are those who accepte their mistakes and apologize for them. When you look for some of the worse president that ever existed look no further.

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