The Lakers D Day is Finally Here: The difference between Being a Caliber Team in The Futur and The One That Hope to Make The Playoff

May, 17 2016 Marque that Calendar Down. The day either the Lakers will become a Great Team of the futur or the one that hopes to make the playoff. Just image a team of Ben Simmons, D Angelo Russell, Randal, Carson, and Larry Nance Jr. couple with few stars or super stars in the  same team. or   Ingram, D Angelo Russell, Randle, Carlson and Larry Nance Jr. couple with stars or superstars.

This is the reason why this day is so important for the Purple and Gold.  I can see all the true Lakers fans in front of T.V. today begging his greatness the Gods of Gods Praying and hoping for the ball to bance their way. Nervous time for the Lakers fans and the team Management is today regardless of what they may make you believe. they will be praying.  You believe in Purple andLos Angeles Lakers logo gold, then Do not miss it.