The Lance Armstrong Story: Life after Oprah

“Let put it This way. When the 7 years That Armstrong won The tour the France is mansion today or in the futur in a negative or positive way , The name Lance Armstrong will be the center peace whether you like it or not. It is a story that will never be erased. To me the tour the France is a Drug sport that has been and will continu to be until some one get caught. In other words Drogues fighting drogues and may the best drogues win. until some one doesn’t like you and want to destroy you. the most important thing were, we were entertained during those 7 years like I can’t remember. I tried to watch the tour the France this years it was so boring that  I had to turn my T.V. off. I would rather go Back re watch  the Armstrong dominance era than to watch today’s tour the France. The fun is simply no longer like it used to be and that is my opinion.  “

Armstrong spoke with veteran journalist Joe Lindsey of Bicycling magazine in his Austin, Texas, home for almost two hours. We’re running the full transcript from that conversation at Armstrong’s request. Continu reading