The New Yorker Vs Florent Mbesse Blog: Greater Los Angeles Vs New York City The Big Apple

contrary to what The New Yorker news Paper  wants to make you believe about Los Angeles vs New York by taking bit and pieces here and there and trying to compare the 2 cities. The best way to compare both cities will be to start with the general view of Both of them. what a better way to do that than having 2 helicopters videos of both cities going toe to toe. here is the virtual video tour for both cities for you to compare and make your own Judgement. The Los Angeles times wouldn’t even waste time trying to respond to the New Yorker habit of criticizing Los Angeles that I personally find inappropriate Showing a lack of self estime behavior  compare to some one who is scared to be surpassed if he hasn’t been surpassed already. To my surprise the only city The new Yorker seem to be concern about Is Los Angeles. A behavior of some one looking over his shoulder. All Indication seem to point to Los Angeles  Being the futur of the United States with unmeasurable potential. since los Angeles Times doesn’t have  a time of the day to respond to none sense from the New Yorker about Los Angeles vs New York, I am taking the lead to make sure The new Yorker understand what at stakes Here.

New York is no thing but a one dimensional city with all eggs put in one basket. With one shot You can take a picture all New York since New York is Manhattan. Trust me you will not take  A picture of Los Angeles with One shot. New York is extremely Hot in Sommer and extremely cold in winter forming 6 months of bad weather not to compare to Los Angeles recognize by the world for it good weather. The prefer city of stars and an Olympic city  unlike New York that never hosted the Olympic and the last time they tried they failed miserably.

The story is to be continued. May Be The new York would have the gut to respond to this introduction before I put them where they belong. Yes The new Yorker is a Billion dollar entity Bigger than Los Angeles times But Their lack of respect to a city they know is the future of the USA is simply not acceptable. That is one of  the reason why they are receiving a challenge from a one man Blog in Florent Mbesse Blog. I guarantee you they will not have the gut to respond to this.

This represent a virtual tour of Los Angeles

This represent A virtual tour of New York for you to compare.  How much Bigger Los Angeles is to The big Apple. you can Put 10 Manhattan inside Los Angeles and will still have room to add more.