The Story of My Life

Florent Mbesse Biographie base on a true story worth reading

In the beginning, A beautiful young lady by the name of Bapeyene Yvonne will meet a young hansom man by the name of Mouyouma Gregoire. They will eventually get married and give birth to My older brother by the name of Benoit Makouassa today living in Paris France. Overtime, this relationship will found trouble and Mrs Bapeyene Yvonne my biological mother will divorce Mr. Mouyouma Gregoire My father on my birth Certificate. My older brother Makouassa Benoit being so young at the time, Bapeyene Yvonne ‘s family decided to replace her with Bapossi Cecile who happened to be my mother’s Bapeyene Yvonne direct  sister therefore my Uant.  My mother Yvonne will then meet a Gentlemen By the name of Mbesse Lucien who used to transport merchandise from Gabon to Congo at the time.  They will then get married and moved to Congo.

At that time France had already conquered most of Africa and decided to divide Africa into different sector so Gabon and Congo became part of Central Africa with Brazzaville Congo the Capital of Central Africa. in search of better life, a lot  of people from Gabon  moved to Congo so did Mr. Gregoire Mouyouma and Bapossi Cecile who moved to Pointenoire Congo. Bapeyene yvone and Mbesse Lucien

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