The Story of My life Part 3 continue

In the story of my life part 2 Florent Mbesse some how was basically one of the very few saved from tetanus one of the most killing disease of that time. What I believe saved me was primarily The grace of god, My father devotion to see me not died. He loved me so much that he was willing to do anything to see me get out of that diseases and he used two different ways of currying which are Modern medicine “the hospital” traditional medicine. a combination of both is one of the most powerful currying god have given to Human kind. If only both ways of currying are used combine, a lot of lives will be saved in this world and I believe cure for disease such as aids and cancer will be found. Unfortunately. competition between the two has made it almost impossible to date to solve a lot of problems in the world. Modern medicine do not believe in traditional medicine and vis versa and it is very sad to notice. My father had to bring this traditional man in hiding late at night going thru a window to help cure me. a chance a lot of people from the same disease didnt had and almost 99% of them died from the same disease.

It is important to understand how  the love of my father to me was developed. being very young then I should admit I was a work in progress. People who knew me then never thought I will change a long the way. I was too young to understand every thing my father used to say to me for my own good. When I got upset then, I will throw stones at my father he will chase me and lock me in the bathroom  for a period of time as a punishment and release me later. But you could  see and feel  his love of me and he wanted me to succeed. Every body would say I look just like my father to a point where I was given the name of petit papa in  French  means the little daddy, tell father tell son. Every body who used to come to the house will call me that name so much . to my father I was his true son. No one could ever say he was cheated by his wife. We looked so alike like twin. I remember during meals on the table. I will be on his lap always. since he didnt eat one of africain best food call manioc. I had decided not to eat manioc too. and to date I do not eat manioc because my father wouldn’t eat it either. He loved me so much he will never let me go on vacation to my mother’s family. Every one else used to go visite my mom’s family except me. He will say you can take any one else except him. by that time my sister Monique Mbesse was already born. Therese Mbesse was also born and passed away very young. she was always sick. After she past away, my mother decided to cut a marque on her figer to see if people who died comes back to this world. strangely my next sister to be born was rose Mbesse and at birth had a sign on her finger and we all were saying that is Therese who came back as rose Mbesse if you want to believe it. Since I have never been given permission to visite my mother’s Family, I never knew then that I had other sisters and brothers from my younger mother  side who decided to move back to Gabon after problems between people of Gabon and Congo caused by a soccer game. I never met them. Next time I will discuss my journey to meet my brothers and sisters from the other side. even My older brother my mother left behind when her younger sister replace her  to a marriage I never knew he existed until he came on vacation to visite us. That was my first time to meet him. to be continued.