The Story Of My Life Part II

The story of my life partI, two sisters marry the same man in two different times to form 3 different families in one. By the way if you have not yet read Part I, take time and read it. It is an interesting story base on a true story like no other story you may have encounter to date.
So Mouyouma Gregoire and Bapossi Cecile moved to Pointenoir, Congo and Mbesse Lucien and Bapeyene Yvonne moved to Dolisie, Congo. Mouyouma Gregoire and Bapossi would give birth to Mouyouma Francoise and Simone Mouyouma and Mbesse Lucien and Bapeyene Yvonne would give birth to Bouanga Mbesse Madeleine and Florent Mbesse.
Florent Mbesse is finally Born. Then came a soccer game between Congo and Gabon that will cause almost a war between the people of Gabon and  Congo. Due to that soccer game disturbance, a lot of people from Gabon decided to move back to Gabon so did Mouyouma Gregoire and Bapossi Cecile with all their kids Francoise and Simone but Mbesse Lucien and Bapeyene Yvonne decided to weather the storm and Remain in Dolisie. I never witness the war per say. I have no idea if it was before my time or after or when I was a baby.
Once Florent Mbesse started walking He liked to play soccer and his family had purchased a soccer ball for him. And He will spend all day Shooting the ball against the wall of the house. Until one day shooting the ball in the family yard, Florent Mbesse will hit a nail that produced a cut on his foot. Men are born of dirt so when they die, they are sent under. When I had a cut then, I will use dirt to cover the cut until it goes away. I tried the same thing after hitting a nail, guess what it turned into Tetanus. During those days Tetanus was the most killing disease know by human kind. basically no one survived from it. I mean no one. Obviously if I am alive today it means I survived from it. 99.9 percent of the people who had it then Died. The hospital and Doctors never quiet understood how I survived from it and I was basically the only one to survive from it.
On the next story of my life, I will share how I survived from Tetanus . do not miss it.

Florent Mbesse's photo.