The Story of My Life Part III

on the story of my life part II, I will obtain tetanus. The most devastated disease at that time with no cure. Most people who got Tetanus at that time died. almost 99.9 % of people died from it Then.  How in the world Florent Mbesse survived from it. Luck , thanks be to god. another key word Modern Medicine “Hospital” combine with traditional Medicine.

There is no excuse what so ever today for modern medicine not to be combined with traditional medicine. None what so ever if only competition from each sector  to show which one is better than the other. So sad. Modern Medicine do not want to hear about traditional and traditional Medicine wants you to stay away from Modern medicine as the result a lot of people who are dying today could have been saved. continu to read the story of my life and you will understand why it is so important to combine both with time. The story is powerful.

I was 3 or 4 years at the time long before the following picture. As I tried to play on my family backyard as usual. I will fall suddenly agonizing  with white saliva coming out of my mouth my hands and my legs going thru rapid motion and going thru death. that was the last I remember until I find myself in an Hospital bed. Light was my enemy. every time a light was turn on I will scream like hell. so the room had to be kept dark at all time. the experience of life teaches us that light is positive dark is negative. every 30 minutes the doctor will come in the room asking if I was still alive. My biological father Mbesse Lucien loved me so much that he will say my son will not died. so every night he will bring a traditional doctor thru the window making sure no body in the hospital shall see him while he was treating me with traditional medicine until I survived from tetanus. Doctors never comprehend how I was basical the only one to survive from it. after I survived doctors said I will have something on my back walking bent. not only I survived from tetanus , I never had any malfunction on my Body. For doctors that was a miracle.

Herb is nature and there is a reason why God put it on earth for us to use. A lot of people have been given skills to use it as medicine so we should take advantage of this incredible tool a gift from God  and use it to our advantage instead of competition among ourselves. I hope the futur in this sense will be brighter for the sake of Humain being.

on the next episode of The story of my life , I will discussed my life after Tetanus