The tour De France has Become as Boring as it can be. Froom taking Seconds Leads here and There then every one Else accompanying him on the top of The montagne Doesn’t look Excited to Me

After all the drug scandales of the tour De France, I decided to stay away from the Tour The France. However, this year I decided to come back and see if something has changed.  It has gotten worse on the competitive front. the only excitement so far the Yellow Jersey running without his bike after an incident. The day where  Armstrong used to take the world  by storm,to highest excitement there was  are simply gone. I used to love those sentences by Phil Legit such as  Armstrong just kick it time and time again and make Juan Ulrich looks like a club cyclist. When Armstrong used to attack My goodness it was unbelievable and so beautiful to watch. Watching Christ Froom taking few seconds here and there and every body else accompanying him on top of  the mountains with no ability what so ever to attack look so sad. Despite Phil Liget  tries of bring the excitement to the race alive, it seems to always fell short of expectation. The inability of other  leaders to attack  left to be desired. This is not what I was expected to see. I am sorry . I would rather go back to the drugs days. This is so discouraging . We are not here to watch looses of the tour De France race to the Ligne and the Leaders too tired to attack each other.  What wrong with this picture.