The Unmesurable Greatness of Michael Jackson. What more Can I give

Michael Jackson & Friends – What More Can I give . composed by Michael Jackson clearly describe his greatness in every thing he touched. When we see talent we should recognize it and give credit when it due. I remember my first time in the U.S.  I have heard of Michael but never saw his video before. This was during the thriller album. one day I was on my way home from school in Washington. Georgetown university. every time I used to hear Billy jean on the radio and that song was played a lot then. I will run home as fast as I could to try to listen to it. after he danced Billy jean during Motown 25 the explosion was incredible. I had never purchase an album music in my life and that was the first time ever I purchase an album. From that time he blew me away. there never been a Michael Jackson album I have never purchase. This guy was something else. He left so much behind. You can stay all day at home listen to his music and you will never get tired of it. this is in sort My tribut to Michael Jackson.