The Warriors Gave King James, The Cavs and Their fans a Whipping they will never forget Two Games In the Row. One May wonder What the Excuse This time Around. Well There is Plainty

Not too long ago The Cavs were whipping the east Teams and looking so good in the process, even went 10 and O at one point I believe. All the Cavs fans including those fans reporter such as Robin, Ramona Shelburne, Marcellus Wiley  were so excited. The talk in town was How good they look and LeBron on his way to the 7th finals  Thanks to Irvin and Love not like last year when They missed them. The excuse was LeBron By himself   gave Golden States A run for their money so with the arrival of Irvin and Love back  from injury we are going to have  a great series with people predicting The Cavs in 6. After the Whipping in two games, Suddenly The same Irvin and Love The savor, they were bragging about have became the reason of their failure in a loosing even worse than last year. even when LeBron accept the blame of those losses himself with turn overs after turn overs and 7 of 19 shooting. The blame by the Media is being directed solemnly to Irvin and Love. The Media job is to report to the public objectively, this is what their job supposed to be reporting not being a fan. By becoming fans they Have created an Hustle environment that not even benefited LeBron but rater hurting him  , The more this bad journalism look bad the worse it get for LeBron. That reporter by the Name of Robin at night with the Lakers Radio station. He is such a fan of LeBron he just cannot see anything wrong with LeBron James. Every thing seem perfect his every day excuse has been if you put LeBron the team becomes great. they will not even mention the other moving part with him as the reason. It is all LeBron as if when he moves he move by himself bosh and wade do not count or Irvin and love his personal hand pick teammate.  No other Superstars never went from team to team chasing gold before so what the mesure stick here. Now when there is failure, The blames seem to most  always goes to some one else. They have been told the east was not a measuring stick  for the Cavs because it is full of weak teams they didnt believe it then. even after the 2 whipping they still do not accept reality. That reporter Robin is something else. Now the Cavs are content to make sure Steph Curry doesn’t do well in the name of loosing to the final. Just like LeBron once sent wade to try to hurt Kobe Bryant in an all star game preventing him to score a lot and possibly win the MVP. This time around   They have realize they cannot beat the Warriors so let concentrate on making sure Steph do not look good. Mr. Robin have the Audacity to say today the Cavs can beat any other team as if he has proof of that in the NBA except the Warriors that almost lost to OKC. and there is no proof what so ever they could have beaten the spurs. Wow. this is bad journalism at it best . When A journalist becomes a fan he looses reason with it and look so dumb in the process. Most reporters need to set an example. There is a reason Chick became great, another reporter  that come in my mind is Steven A. Smith. the man is truthful and speak the truth. He is straight forward. people may not like him for that but yet he is out their saying things the way they are, look and smell. instead of acting like a fan and in the process looking foolish.

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut (12) goes for a rebound against Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) and Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson (13) in game two of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena on June 5.