The warriors Got robbed Big Time by The League. Congratulation to LeBron For The job Well Done and Well Deserved

This should go down as one of the biggest robbery in league History if not  one of the biggest robbery in any sport. LeBron James didnt do any thing wrong . If some one hand you a key to a roll Royce there is no way in the world you will say no thanks  included my self. He deserve an Oscar for his role on the Draymond Green Saga at the end of game 4. He looked for any thing for help and got it from the league.

Just imagine running a Marathon, after working so hard to fulfill your dream you almost there and can see the end of the line then suddenly out of no where on purpose or not on purpose one of the Marathon representative just run you over while you are about to cross the line then he says sorry we are part of the process. while  down on the floor with 2 broken fingers a competitor that you have left way behind just zoom past you and win the race at your expense in the process  get all the accolade and the fanfares. To add an insult to the injury champagne is being pupped left and right  on your back yard. while you are sitting there feeling sorry for your self with no one to consulate you, “we are sorry about what had just happened to you may be next time”. instead the all world had turn their back on you and start criticizing you for being a failure. all the hard work gone to waste. That must be really hard to swallow. The fans being so down feeling let down. I can truly feel their stress and sorrow. one of those difficult time you will hope to be a dream unfortunately it is reality.

one the other hand while LeBron James was down and out at the end of game 4 feeling so desperate looking for anything for consolation. suddenly he turns around the ball has been fumble on his lap just pick it up and start dancing around.  In no time He went from despair to one of the happiest man on earth.  I mean that is not luck that is destiny. out of 3 championships 2 of them basically fell on his lap. Remember the spurs game 6 in Miami. A game already won. Coach Popovich will remove Tim Duncan who could  have secured a rebound for them in the process instead Miami got 2 offensive of rebounds that they converted into a 3 points at the last second to win that game eventually win the Championship How many luck one personne can get. This guy must be loved by god and he is destine for prime time. The only challenge have left for him to accomplish is coming to the west and repeating what he did in a weak conference in the east after picking and choosing his players. A challenge I have asked of him. If he can meet that. I will not see How some one will doute this guy. He is certainly a great player.

In the mean time I fill so sorry for the warriors. I hope the league has learned not to interfere in this kind of situation and let the teams battle for them selve to see which team is the best. You Can not have million of people discussing about the matter if the Draymond suspension wasn’t a controversy with most people saying they would have let it go and the league saying other wise . It was discussed by people in the media and a lot of people said they would have let it go. yet again the league entered  another controversy as if the Christ Paul saga wasn’t enough. It is really sad. I feel so pained for the Warriors all that wasted work it has to be devastated.  all the good you did for the league just like that forgotten.

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry answers questions during a post-game press conference after Game 7 of basketball's NBA Finals Sunday, June 19, 2016, in Oakland, Calif.