The Warriors had a choice Between winning a Championship and Beating the Bulls Recors of 72 Wins they Chose 72 games

Again the warriors looses to the Thunder 118 to 94 for an unsurmountable 1-3 deficit

I hope teams understand How difficult it is to win 73 games playing in the West and having to go Thru so many Great teams to get there not only during the regular season but also the playoff. Your body get tired and other teams will study your game. You are giving away your secret for other teams to study your game. ask every body who had tried it they will tell you It is so hard. You better hope that year you have to deal with not so great teams. I saw this coming. I said from the beginning the best way to not win a championship is to kill your self trying to beat records. It is hard. the saddest is the fact that you may be affected for years to come. I saw them struggle against Portland not a great team I knew something wasn’t right and it looks like I was right.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) reacts.