The Warriors VS Oklahoma City: Win or Go Home: for the Warriors to Win Tonight The Splash Brothers Had to Drop 80 Points: 50 For Curry 30 for Thompson

When the Playoff started, there wasn’t too many people on earth  who follow Basketball who  thought OKC will eliminate the World Champ Golden State. Suddenly The world Champs had been put  on Death row just to be saved by the grace of god. Who would have thought? They have tried twice already during this Playoff to beat OKC in OKC  both time they not only failed but failed miserably loosing by a margine of 22 points a game. One May assume we are about to witness History go a washed. 73 wins During the regular season the best ever in the history  of the NBA  is about to get tinted with a lost tonight. A stein that will never be washed no matter how much you try. I would like to see Curry and the Warriors live up to expectations. It looks like Only the Trilogy of Gods  to form one God, the Mystery of the Bible” By the Name of the Father the son and the Holly Spirit”, will be able to save them.  At the end of the day Can the Warriors force game 7 .

Can the Warriors force a Game 7?