Trump’s White House win promises to reshape U.S. political landscape. The People Of Africa Should Pray to God That He Becomes Interrested In African Politic. He Is One Man Who will Not Lack Courage to Tell African’s Election Cheater To Kiss Off

World markets shuddered, U.S. allies fretted and Americans celebrated or seethed Wednesday as Donald Trump looked ahead to the White House after a history-shaping victory that defied pollsters and galvanized legions of aggrieved voters in a loud repudiation of the status quo.

In its wake, Hillary Clinton and allies were left to sort out how Trump upended her once-clear path to become America’s first female president. Clinton called Trump to concede as the results were clear, and planned to make her first public statements later Wednesday in New York. Continu Reading

A man reaches for the New York Post newspaper featuring president-elect Donald Trump's victory, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 in New York. Trump claimed his place Wednesday as America's 45th president, an astonishing victory for the celebrity businessman and political novice who capitalized on voters' economic anxieties, took advantage of racial tensions and overcame a string of sexual assault allegations on his way to the White House.

 “Si Un Pays de 319 millions d habitants peut organiser les elections en un jour et proclamer le gagnant le meme jour je pense qu un pays de 1million 500 habitants peut faire au tant pour eviter la Tricherie. Malheuereusement  L afrique est plus interresse a la tricherie qu a la realite “