Trying To Compare At&t Custumer Service to That of Sonic Internet Provider is Like Comparing North Korea To South Korea. Night and Days

I have tried most of The internet Provider around Included Comcast, AT&T , Spectrum, ect… No Body seem to be worse than AT&T Combine With direct TV customer service is absolutely A night mare. Frustrated with AT&T service so I decided To search For a new Internet Provider. Frankly In today ‘s  Home networking all you need is an internet Provider and you can Have the rest. Home Networking is transiting from Satellite to The internet direct connection with company such Netflix, Amazone ect…. So Basically you may not need the Direct TV of the world no more. Company such Direct TV saw it coming so they decided to merge with an Internet Provide such as AT&T but what a mess. Not too Long ago DIRECTV had agreed  to give customers money back for over charged they claimed was caused by the merger. so based  on bad customer service from AT&T and DIRECTTV . I decided to look around and Run Into An Internet provider company name Sonic. Never heard of them before. In today world of internet the completion had gotten so hard every body is scrambling to find which company can provide a good product with a good customer service. I guarantee you if all At&t current customers discover Sonic , They will all flee and never to return. What makes the big difference between AT&T and Sonic is Customer Service. Customer Service agents at Sonic seem to know the product and are so truthful to what they tell you contrary to AT&T customers service , the lack of knowledge of what they selling is a complete turn off. They will tell you one thing and result to a different production at the end. They Appeared to be like people hired from street without trainee and trying to learn from work experience. You call one when he cannot give you the answer he will either hang up or transfer you from one agent to another. and repeat yourself every time you are transferred to a new agent. They claim to have noted your conversation with them but yet the next personne coming either doesn’t read it or it is so bad written that he doesn’t understand the meaning quit well. they tell you  that you signed a 1 year contract that turn out to be later a 2 years contract and will frighten you with a $449 if you leave early. and will make your life miserably if you try to leave. The price set is never the same after the 1 year, they will increase it for any call you make to them. They tell your bill will be $131 for example it will come $155 then $191 knowing they got you for 2 years not 1 year . they try to sock out of you as much as they can. Now if you miss a payment for any reason the interest kick in. You dont pay the total the next month they will turn off your internet and the next time they turn it on. they will not even considered they fact that your internet was off for a period of time and give you credit for that period of time. they just over charge you at will. That is stealing and Petherick customer service. I Do not how they stay in business with such behavior . I guess it is the name. We have reach a period where because of competition, all these monopoly are slowly going away with time. people need to start searching around for better deal instead of sticking to these reap off companies that want to stay in business by stealing from customers. Bundle account now are running around $29/ month. spectrum is prosing paying off you previous provider to move to them. yet they dumb people in this world continu to pay $191 for the same service they can pay $29. Get to the program people. why waste all these extra money you use for gas , for your family. It is stupid. Time have changed . the competition is here . If your cable bill is past 100 dollar you are paying way too much and you are stupid to say the least. People are watching everything else for free and just paying 30 dollars for the internet why should you pay 200 dollar plus? at Sonic The quality is the same if not better. With 5Mbps 30 days free tried out. my internet is as fast as it used to be with AT&T. I have 3 TV’s one in the bedroom , one in the leaving room and another in the dinning room. they all stream fine. My stick box Cut the cord box in the room connected with an internet wire is streaming just fine no buffering while it was buffering with AT&T connection. my amazone tv fire in the leaving room serve as my TV center commande is working perfect. my Wi fi in the dinning room is just fine being close to the router. No complaint there . I will make another report after the 30 days tried out. People stop paying to much when you can pay less.    The dumbest thing You can do in your Life today is to over pay to watch TV.