UK Labour leader under pressure after MPs quit : Ground zero is the Best Way to Built A Super Power Not By A collection of Countries

The problem with trying to built a super power with a collection of countries. They all have identity and when things go wrong they all look for a door to run. Well if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen. If you go back and read My notes you will understand that I predicted this when  Europe decided to try to built a Super Power a la Russian by a collection of countries. the Russian tried it later they all run out the door when there was problems. The U. S. is not a collection of countries as the result  so far remain the only super power. Not bad at all for a country that didnt existe 283 years ago.  Then, I predicted the U.S. will remain the same China will improve and Europe will have problems trying to built a super power a la Russian. History repeats it self. My only hope at this point things do not get too far down. My 401k is too important to My futur.

Labour Party politician and shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, seen in London, on June 20, 2016