USA fall 2-0 to superior Columbia in Copa America Centenario opener

I was quit disappointed with the U.S.A man soccer team falling to Columbia by 2 zero at home. It is so difficult to understand that one of the most diverse country on earth if not the most diverse with every humain being the world can offer in it is incapable of proving it worth.  loosing at home to a team with a population of 48 million people while the U.S.A is more than 300 million populated the 3rd in the world after china and India . despite all the technology we still have not quit yet grasp the key to the success of soccer. This is leading me to believe that the U.S. is not fully taking advantage of it diverse demographic superiority. Rather concentration is being exerted in some part of the population as the team composition quit frankly shows. That team should have the best combination of africains players south America players Europe players and you name it. That the way that team should look because that is the way the us was constructed to be. if you give your citizenship to people around the world . Those people should proudly represent this country and ready to die for it. So there is no explanation what so ever for team U.S.A not to be among the best of the best in soccer. I remember my self  when I first came to the U.S.A very young. I was one of the most talented soccer player Africa had to offer. every Coach who ever saw me play then praised me to be one of the best for years to come. I was given the name the master of soccer   and I was that good. upon my arrival in the U.S the only soccer the U.S. had to offer then was indoor soccer and the soccers of san Diego at the time was the best team in the U.S. so I went to their tried out realize this wasn’t soccer and to content with recreational soccer with most africain players combine where we won worthless championships. as the result my concentration became rather school than soccer. What a waste of talent. My brother was a captain of my country’s national team and I was ten times a better player than him. I wonder what I would have became had I moved to Europe instead. A decision I do not regret one bit.  two crucial mistakes by the U.S. players was the difference in the Game. on a corner the opposite player moved the U.S. player hesitated and that hesitation resulted in a goal. and a penalty cause by a U.S. player having his hand in the air to cause a clear view of him touching the ball. Lack of determination, playing as if they are superior to us if we can obtain a tied game we will be happy for that. you are playing home for got sick. You can do better than that. Columbia wasn’t that great. please Read