Welcome To a Cangourou Court : La court de Justice Des Cangourou

Ali Bongo Ondimba president of Gabon accused of Falsifying his birth certificate four times. Born of a Nigeria family taken to Gabon as an Adopted Child By The Feu President of Gabon  Omar Bongo and Eventually became President By cheating the election with the help of the French  after his adopted father past away. Once president all he did is put his confidents to the most important posts in Gabon as the result. Despite the fact that most Gabonese no longer want him as  president base on his status and his Behavior out of control . Since he has given power to his own confidants, there is no way they will rule against him in any court proceeding making the court Clearly  looks like a cangourou court . They have his dossier for     the presidency and only them are allowed to see his fake birth Certificates said to be 4 of them. So the excuse not to remove his name from the ballot, is The opposition not giving proof of his birth certificate that they already have in hand and only them can see  but no one else. Unfortunately  this time already the Gabonese people are not ready to give up until he is remove from Power. Ali Bongo is using Gabonese Army built by himself and his adopted father to protect him from loosing power. Clearly he is a dictator and has no skill what so ever to be a president. every thing about him seem fake. He claim to have a MBA Degree . no one never saw him graduate from any school. No one seem to have witness his birth in Gabon. Every thing about him is strange. This is the man who destroyed My chateau built in Gabon for a reason no one can explain and refused to pay me my money back. He has hurt so many people in Gabon. The hate against him in Gabon is unmeasurable and I Think this time around the Gabonese people are ready to go the extra miles to see him out. It is sad to notice the world know exactly what going on but seem to keep a blind eye about this tragedy of Grand proportion. It is really a sad story. A country taken hostage by a dictator who never deserved to be president in the first place and given power by cheating and  the help of France for self Interest . Unfortunately he has no love for the french either Since becoming president.