What We Have Learned About Politic Base On Gabon’s Election 2016. It Is Not About who Wins The Election But Rather About Who Plays The Right Game

There is no Argument that the opposition in Gabon won the election. It was so obvious Unfortunately they are not the one with Power today. It was taken away from them by cheating and by force. Not playing the game of politic the right way.  Ali Bongo  Played it To perfection and it paid dividend even though he lost the election. He own the army in Gabon by being the head of Gabon army for a long  time and put in place his own trusted people. The Bongo created a system that is allowing them to win at all cost with Mother In law being in Charge of the  court system and having the last word at the end of the day they will win and have been winning regardless.   With that you are not winning any election in Gabon regardless. On the international front Ali  Bongo gave a vote to The US and France to get rid Of Gadhafi as The result, them basically owning the UN they closed their eyes to the situation and let Bongo win at all cost. The UN, France , and The US without a doubt Know Ali Bongo lost the election . as the matter of fact The all world knows Ali Bongo lost the election and stall it by force.    The opposition not having a force to take over Gabon’s army,  at the end of the day, they are on a loosing side even though they won.

Lesson Learned Instead of putting their tails between their legs and pointing fingers at each other. well they should come together and  get stronger. they have come a long way and this is the closest they had ever been trying to  take power in Gabon by overwhelmingly winning the election. in the past they used to be divided but this time around they came together and won unfortunately it was stolen right before the world eyes. Which is ashamed. They should not stop about chasing their goals with persistance eventually they will one day take over.

lesson learned. regardless of what happened they still  will need the US, France and the UN to succeed one day  because you never know when they will switch  side.  politic is a game when play the right way it will pay dividend. To win  one day you should  never give up . Just keep getting better every time. Successful business people will tell you they failed many times before becoming successful base on persistance.  loosing belong  to those who stop trying. and winning belong to those who never stop trying. It will come with time.

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