White gentrification causes debate among ‘Black Beverly Hills’ residents

As one of the few neighborhoods that boast a mostly prosperous African American populace, Southern California’s View Park neighborhood is looked on with pride by those who recognize it as a symbol of African American success that doubles as a stronghold of black culture.

But with a growing presence of white people, some residents are up at arms over what they believe to be the gentrification of what some folks know as “Black Beverly Hills.” So much so that a movement has started to put View Park on the National Register of Historic Places. Continu to read

la downtown view from view park

I once lived In Ladera Heights never knew it was called black Beverly Hills. I even Hosted a Gabon’s Presidential election Diner at the Magic Johnson Restaurant Next door on Gabon last election yet I didnt know it was being hosted at the black Beverly hills until today. well just somme thing for you to read. The Black Beverly hills is now being recognized by the Nation as part of it history. Even president Obama has recently visited the Black Beverly Hills