Why can’t U.S. Soccer join the world’s elite? It’s not Jurgen Klinsmann; it’s MLS.

Well the U.S. Do not want to follow suit. Look at every other teams in the world. They take advantage  of their population. look at the french team. How many africain players have been playing with that team over the years, so many of them. If those African players are part of your country why not use them. if those European hold a US passport why not use them, If those Mexican hold a U.S. Nationality why not use them. The U.S.A is the most diversify country in the world. and look at their National team . They all look the same with few differences. That is were the problem lies. They need to start recruiting from  all sector of the Population and the best of the best among them. Then the U.S. will become the best in the world in soccer mark my words.  They all look black or white. That is not America. It is not a beauty contest. it is a soccer team in search of being the best to the delight of every one involved. No excuses what so ever. population 300 million plus, most diversify country in the world, the richest in the world, the most powerful in the world. What else can I add?  I will do better as a president of that team. I love this country and it pains me to see failure in one of  the sport I was the best and could have aided my beloved country. This is by far the best country in the world.  Read more of their thinking not mine