Why Kevin Durant’s ‘mirror’ comment on Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram was ridiculous

This is the problem with the world today. Once you make a statement every body try to give a meaning to it and in the process modify your phrasing to their liking and make a story out of no thing. Did Durant mirror comment was about Ingram becoming exactly like him as a basket ball player or in the form them having some characteristique resembling each other as the writer missioned and other people as well. The last time I checked Durant didnt elaborate to what it meant in regard to his comment. so were is the problem. Jerry west was basically the only personne to think Kobe will be great. No one ever thought Michael Jordan to one day become the best basketball player ever when he came from college. I think the writer should reserve his comment to the future as we all know no one can predict the futur. Stop putting words in people mouth. you guys are something else. it is the joy of coming up with a story to read that tick you off or what?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Kevin Durant knows way more about basketball than any of us. On top of that, he’s actually had the honor of facing Los Angeles Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram on the court, if only during Team USA practices this week.

So we’re fighting our tendency to defer to KD when we make the following claim: Durant’s comments about Ingram are patently absurd. continu reading