You’re an idiot if you think the NBA is rigged? The best Way to Say It Would Have Been You are an Idiot if You Think The NBA is Perfect. They Make as Many Mistakes as Every Humain Being makes. And Refuses to Accept That They are not Perfect.

It is not About being Rigged Idiot. It is about Them Making Mistakes . Why The NBA Do not call Games Exactly The way it is supposed to be called. why Stars Are More favors Than Rookies. Or why the home Teams are most Likely to get more Calls, why You Do not suspend Green Against OKC with a better Flagrant falls Than against Cleveland, Why at the end of Games calls are not the same as At the beginnings of Games.  We Can go Thru so Many why all day long and you will find quit perfectly that the NBA is not perfect. Neither are Humain Being Idiot.  Is That a reason to call people idiots because of their Opinion. or you are the one who is an idiot because you cannot understand why so many people are upset when you could have let team battle games by themselves instead of getting involved. And let see which team is really the Best.  Do you have a problem With that Mr. Idiot.  Notice any body can call every Body idiot if they like because the world doesn’t lack idiots. Every body has been an idiot at some point of their life. A british Man will tell you , you have an accent when you speak English. so you can also tell a British Man like wise you have an accent when you speak English. Let not call each other Idiot because each of us has to Express our opinion. Before you call some one else an idiot may be you need to look at the mirror because the mirror doesn’t lie.  Read the story line

LeBron James (left), Channing Frye (middle), Draymond Green (right)